Make android phone look cool

This post features six simple and easy tips for android phone. How to make android phone look cool These make you feel comfortable while using the phone.

Six simple tips for android phone

This features will help you to boost your phone


Trying out different launchers If you have an Android phone, you can use these things called “launchers,” which are essentially apps that allow you to make drastic edits to your device’s home screen. The most popular one is probably Nova Launcher, which will allow you to change just about everything you can think of. There are several other launchers out there too, and you can play around with them until you find one you like. Often, they can make your phone perform faster than they would with the clunky interfaces that companies like Samsung and HTC give them.


Disable App notifications. Annoyed by a notification that keeps in coming?For your knowledge ,I want to tell that these notifications also drain battery.If you want to turn them off here’s how: Long press on the notification for the options to pop up. Click on App Info Untick show notifications.


Secret game There is an old and hilarious stuff just hidden inside your Operating System.It is a secret game.Lollipop and Marshmallow’s game is based on Flappy Bird. It has the same game play principle but has had an Android-themed graphics.


Identify annoying notifications Are you getting annoying app notifications ? But you are not sure which app is causing it. There is an easy solution. Just long press on the notification and select app info.



Make mobile data limit Want to keep the track of your data usage on monthly basis? There’s a feature that let you to know how much is left in your data plan. Go to system settings. Data usage>>>set data limit and your data plan by dragging the horizontal bar. You will be alert once if it hits the limit of your data plan.


Disable automatic app updates Here are the steps to disable automatic app updates: Open Play store. Go to settings>>> click on auto app update>>select disable.


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