Easy way to do multitasking on android without root

Multi window app for android without root

All of us have the experience of Multitasking on Pc or Laptop. We do varieties of tasks simultaneously. But when this case come upto android then its not easy for every user to experience multitasking. By default android doesn’t support multitasking features. Latest version of android i.e Nougat also do not have the full support of this feature. Many people are wondering about it and want to experience the smooth multitask feature on their phone.
So, in this article you will learn to multitask on android without root.


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Lets Get Started

Floating Apps

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Floating Apps is only the Google Play Standard utility tool that allows you to do multitasking. You can multitask upon the most commonly used apps such as calculator, dialer, browser, paint, YouTube, clock e.t.c. It has whole bunch of apps that you can use for multitasking.


1) Install the floating apps and open it.

2)Go to settings.

3) Click “Enable Floating Apps” to enable the app.

4)Tick “Add Launcher to Notification Bar” to add the launcher in your notification to easily access it.

5)Tick “Enable Quick Launch Icon” to display a floating icon on the screen.

6) Customize theme, lock, transparency, background, color e.tc of your choice.

Now the floating apps is successfully configured


1)You can access the apps to multitask by tapping of floating icon. Also you can access then by swiping from left side.

2)Now, you will get whole bunch of applications to use in multitasking.

3)To start the app click on it. You don’t have the limit of number of apps to multitask at once.


You can resize the app by pulling the bottom right corner either in or out.

Minimize the current window by tapping on the square button.

You can close the current window by tapping on Cross
× button at top.

Move the current window by dragging from top.


Access extra options by tapping on this three horizontal line.

The options may be different depending upon the active app. But these options are always available:
1) Customize the border of the Windows. -Minimal Borders

2) Maximize the window to entire screen. -Maximize Top/Button

3) PIN the window to the top/screen of Background.

4) Change the windows opacity with slider given.

This app is very helpful for all. You just dont need to leave the application for small task such s calculations. However, it can not Multitask the personal apps but its very cool and helpful app.If you find this tutorial helpful, be sure to share and present your views in comment section below.

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