How to watch Television (TV) in Android For Free

Watch Television In Android For Free

lots of guys request me to write article on this, and finally i am going to write this article about how to watch television in android for free so if want to to learn how to watch television on android for free then without wasting more time lets move ahead.

What is  Mobile tv live ?

Television is a telecommunication medium used for transmitting moving images in monochrome, or in color, and in two or three dimensions and sound. Wikipedia

we know that carrying television in any place is not possible, suppose if are going to somewhere and your best program going on and you want to watch but if there is no Television then you will miss that program but dont worry we have finally find that solution, now you dont need to carry your Television 😛 your android phone can be use as also Television 🙂

It is paid ?

No, its completely free but there are lots of app in the market which need payment to watch Television but dont worry you can watch it for free. You need to download one application which is not available in the playstore but you can find that app in google .

Download The App

here is the download buttom by click here you guys can easily download that app in your phone and its free from virus too. you dont need to crack that app its completely free .


Install the app

i know installing app is easy we all know how to install the app . after installing the app you will see that app in your Home Menu and from there you can access all the Channel.

Enjoy By Watching Television In Your Phone

App Interface
here you got all the channel
After clicking on the channel you guys can watch your program from there



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