Set pattern in your computer 

Hi guys Welcome to Brand new post on my site , so in this article I am going to show you How to set pattern in computer/laptop. make your computer protected so no one can steal your data as well as no one can use your computer without your permission.

Pattern in android is common now but pattern in pc is not common . if you want to set pattern in computer then you guys need to download some software so that software help to set pattern in your pc so you guys can put pattern in your pc and protect your personal data.

Pattern in pc make your impression so if any one want to used your computer then if he or she saw the pattern lock in your computer then the might be shocked.


  • Maze lock form here 
  • Computer with windows 7 , 8 , and 10
  • Internet connection to download maza lock

So, if you guys have above requirement then we are ready to move on !

Install the Maza Lock

After Insalling the program Just open the maza lock

You will see like this like this then just you need to click on reset pattern. after resetting the pattern then it will ask for you for backup pattern.

Now just Set the Backup pattern

Backup pattern is not need but some time you will forget the pattern and you to have recover so you can set the backup pattern.just chose you storage to save your pattern .,

You guys can change the background image from here

change your background image from here and choose your background image which you want to like. after choosing the background you guys need to just setup the lock up time and other option…

Now just setup the time and other function

Now Its Done.

you can use Shortkeys TO lock the computera)”Windows+A” for pattern lock the system.

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