World’s First Wireless Charging Laptop

Today the technology is rapidly increasing. People are inventing new technology and inventions. Have you ever imagined that the mobile, laptop e.t.c can be charged just by placing them? Also, just without any means of wire. However, it seems that we are getting such technology slowly. As similar to this, Dell has introduced world’s first wireless charging laptop.

World’s first wireless charging laptop
Dell has introduced the Latitude Z 7285.It is the first full functional wireless charging laptop ever launched. This works similar to wireless smart phone charger. Simply, you have to put it with contact to special base and it automatically recharges the battery. The power receiver is on the keyboard and it uses WiTricity technology. It can provide the power of 30 watts via MRI. The accuracy of the position and alignment along the power receiver is easy to set. And the base requires a cable to connect to outlet.

WiTricity technology has been in practice for the purpose of wireless charging. However, it hasn’t been widely adopted by every gadgets companies. Even intel company has also been using this technology to create the laptop which doesn’t require any cables for charging.

Finally, DELL company became able to launch such wireless charging laptop, Latitude Z in 2009. However in earlier year, the manufacturers were only demonstrating the prototypes. Now this year, finally dell company has made the wireless charging laptop ready for the consumers. The complete kit -Latitude 7285, keyboard with charger -costs about $1720.
This laptop has Intel Core i5-7Y54 processor with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB SSD. We can increase the RAM and SSD upto to 16GB and 512 GB respectively. The screen has 2880 × 1920 resolution.
Moreover, the approximate weight of keyboard is 1.5 KG.

You can purchase this wireless charging laptop from DELL website. Now what do your fell about this? Be sure to express your views in the comment section below.

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