Bypass Custom Binary blocked by frp lock


Hey Whats up Guys hope you are fine there. so you came here by Google or anywhere.. anyway you are at right place. so in this article, I will help you or guide you to bypass custom binary frp lock. so without getting bored let’s get started.

What is Custom Binary Block by FRP Lock?

FRP remains for Factory Reset Protection and FRP Lock. and it is a generally new element seen in Android 5.1. Hence, this problem usually occurs after you have rooted your phone to flash new ROM/firmware or change other vital internal settings on your phone.

Some Screen Short Of Custom Binary Block by FRP Lock

Custom Binary blocked by frp lock

Custom Binary blocked by frp lock

If you are getting the same error like the screen which is provided here. if yes then you are at right place we will guide you to solve it. So, Basically, What you need to do that you just need to follow the same method which I am going to tell you in the next step


  • Good Speed Internet
  • PC

Method of Custom Binary blocked by frp lock


Custom Binary blocked by frp lock

Custom Binary blocked by frp lock

First off all you guys need to format your device from recovery.. if you don’t know how to format phone from recovery then you are at stone age lol just I am kidding anyway I will guide to format your device too, basically what you need to do you guys just need to switch off your device and keep pressing volume + button and home button

recovery mod j7 prime

recovery mod j7 prime

After doing that you will get this option like this… now u need to format your device from that option… you can easily format your device from that option… you guys can move down or move up the option by pressing volume + and volume – button. a power button is used to select that option

You guys need to enter in the Downloading mode which means from this mode you guys can flash your ROM of your device.. so  i  you don’t know how to enter in the downloading mode then you guys need to just press volume – button means volume down button, power button, and home button. After Getting In the Downloading Mode You guys need to flash your ROM…  from where we can get rom ?? there is the various website which provides you rom without any cost.

How to Flash ROM?

I Know you may be new to flash the rom. you may get confused about flashing the rom. basically, you guys make mistake on the downloading of rom. okey, let me provide you downloading site of rom.
Link:Click Here 

After Downloading ROM You Guys need a tool for flashing the rom. Odin is the best tool for Flashing ROM In Samsung Device so guys can easily get ODIN from its official website. i don’t think so I need to provide you that website too.

Extract it On Your PC and Flash it

For New & Latest Rom Please Have a Look on Android-Host 

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