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When you want to earn money from your blog, definitely you will talk about adsense. Google Adsense is the best advertisement network for all the bloggers and site owners. It pays you maximum for displaying ads on your site and today in this post i will teach you ways to make money fast 

But what if you failed to get the adsense approval for your site? How to earn now? Some people quit their blogging journey when hey suffer it. But Google Adsense is not only the way by which you earn from blog. There are several ways you can adopt to earn money from your blog.

In this post, I will be sharing with you some ways to make money fast

1) Start Affiliate Marketing

Basically, Affiliate Marketing is the way you earn money by receiving commission from others products. For this, you should promote other people’s or company’s product in your blog. Then you will get the commission from each sales made. The rate of payment depends upon the brand and reputation of the company in social media. To earn a lot from Affiliate Marketing, you should have to maintain more and more traffic in your blog.

There are thousands of Affiliate Marketing network on the Internet you can choose. Just promote the product of your choice or blog’s niche and start earning.

2)Using adsense alternative

ways to make money fast  Without any doubt, Adsense is the probably the most highly paying advertising network. There’s no any comparable alternative to adsense. But there are other several ads platform that can provide you good income. For this, you need to generate more and more amount of traffic in your site. Here’s the list of some best adsense alternatives:






3)Sell products on your blog

A blog with high amount of traffic can earn decent money by selling products or services. If you have more readers on your blog then you can offer helpful products or blog to them. It may be

    1. Ebook
    2. Videos
    3. Website Template
    4. Courses
    5. Software
    6. SEO services

For this you need to work hard and hard.

4)Write reviews and get paid

There’s a lot of people or company who wills you to write articles. The topic is especially about the product reviews. They pay you on writing detailed articles of their product and publishing it on your blog. It may be written by you or the sponsors. You can also attract other advertisers by writing attractive reviews. It can also generate good amount of money for you.

5)Use Short Links

This method is not fully related to blog. However, you can apply this method for your blog posts. You can use short link advertisers to create the short links for your blog posts. Then they will pay for you. When you use short links firstly the users redirect into ad page then only to the destination page. You can use short links for sharing the blog posts on social media, giving download links and much more.Use any of it for creating short links.

Use it now

Those were the best ways you can earn money from your blog without adsense. All the ways may not be suitable for you. However, you can use anyone which suits you best. Also if you find any way helpful for you, be sure to share in the comment section below.

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