Top 6 Approval Trick For NON Hosted Account Of Adsense

Hey guys in this page i am gonna show you How to Approve Adsense Non Hosted Account Secret Trick Revealed  It a secrete trick you must have to know if you want to approve your google adsense account. today I’m going to reveal an amazing secret about Google Adsense approval. If you are a beginner and you are facing issues with adsense approval then don’t worry at all here you will get the best way of doing it.  if you really found this method very useful then guys don’t forget to appreciate me in comments below.



1.Google Adsense
Google Adsense Is The Best Advertising Network. Google Adsense Based On PPC(pay Per Click).
Even I am using Google Adsense In My Blog. But The problem Is to get Approval From Google Adsense
Is Very Hard But There Is A Trick To get Approved By Google Adsense,

If you have above requirements then you are ready to apply your site !

Step 1: Register your Domain Name

First thing that you need to purchase a domain name from domain provider like Godaddy and Hostgator. or any domain provider site Also note, this method only works on new domain name. so i request you to buy a brand new domain so you will get instant approvel from adsense

Step 2: New Gmail Account

Next you need a fresh gmail id that means you have to create a new gmail account that means sign up with new gmail id and make sure you sign up with all legal details and also make sure you don’t mention any used mobile number for confirmation.

Note: Take similar blog and email id name. make sure that your blog matches with our gmail account name !

Step 3: Install WordPress

Here come the another part of this post , before writing pages and posts next you need to install wordpress or blogger . Make sure you install wordpress after completing all the above steps. Do the basic settings like configure your settings, install plugin and theme as well make your blog look awesome

Note: Use very simple theme and don’t go for too many plugins. I always prefer to use all in one seo too .

Step 4: Write 15 Posts

In next step you need to write 15 good quality posts for your blog and make sure you write 100% unique article of minimum 500 words each and make sure that you havent copy the article from any one other wise you will get disapproved . so better to do good work with adsense.

Step 5: Prepare 4 Pages

Now you need to create 5 main important pages for your site, it may take 45 min to create these pages. If you don’t know how to do that then don’t worry at all, The 5 pages include Homepage, About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.

Step 6: Apply for Google Adsense

Finally, simple apply for google adsense account, you will get approval 2 week your adsense will approved if you get approved then please share this post to your friends too

Guys it’s my promise you  to all that you will get approval within 2 week, currently I have having more that 2 adsense account with me for separate blogs / youtube . According to my experience this is the best way to get google adsense account approve for your blog.

Finally I hope you find all the above information very useful, if you have any questions then feel free to ask me in comments below.


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