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Hi guys Welcome to Brand new post on my site , so in this article I am going to show you How to Remove WannaCry Ransomware Virus Without paying or formatting computer .

What is WannaCry Ransomware Virus ? 

The crippling Wanna Cry ransomware attack, which used an exploit first developed by the US NSA, appeared to be slowing on Saturday. Edward Snowden was among those who criticised the NSA, saying the US spy agency has been building dangerous attack tools despite warnings.

The Wanna Cry ransomware attack – one of the largest ever cyber attacks – appeared to be slowing around 24 hours after it wrecked havoc and shut down tens of thousands of computer systems across 104 countries.

How to be safe from WannaCry(Ransomware)?
. Update your Windows and defender
. Install and update your antivirus. Use paid antivirus(AVG,QuickHeal,Kaspersky, RajeshDaiAntiVirus).
. Do not download unknown email attachments or files from unknown sites.
. Do not copy (transfer) files from any storage device(floppy,cd,dvd,usb,hard disk,etc.) before scanning.
. Other points coming soon.

If you are Infected with wanna cry ransomware virus then 

How to remove wannacry Ransomware Virus ? 

Got Infected, if you got infected with this virus then dont be afraid and dont be shocked. in every there is any anti tools which protect your computer so basically if you pay them then they will again infect you computer with another one virus so use your logic and Do Not Pay!

Now lets Begin to Remove This Virus


Windows XP and 7: Before Windows starts Hit The F8 Key. Once the Boot Menu appears look for and select Safe Mode with Networking, followed by tapping Enter</strong.

Windows 8 and 8.1: Go to the Start Menu >> Control Panel, followed by Administrative Tools >> System Configuration. Next find and tick Safe Boot and then select Networking followed by Restart. Your computer should now boot into Safe Mode.

Windows 10: Go to Start Menu >> Settings >> Update and Security >> Recovery Next under Advanced Startup click on Restart Now and allow your computer to restart.

Removing Processes

2. This next requires that you look for processes which may relate to the WannaCry ransomware. To start doing so, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc, this will open Task Manager. After which you should look through the Processes Tab carefully for unfamiliar entries.

Usually, a malicious process will consume large amounts of resources, such as CPU and RAM. If you find something which looks out of the ordinary, Right click  and Open The File. Next Delete everything. Only do this if you are sure that the process is WannaCry related.


3. Now, we’re going to look in Startup Programs, to do so, type System Configuration into the Windows Search Bar. Followed by slecting the First Result, and then going to the Startup Tab and taking a look at the list of programs.

If you are a Windows 10 user, it’s Startup Programs can be seen in Task Manager. However, on all versions of Windows, if you feel that any have an unknown developer or just look wrong uncheck them and Click OK.

The Resistry

4. Next we’re going to take a look at the registry, to do that you need to open the Run Window, or press WinKey + R. Followed by typing regedit and hitting enter.

When the registry editor launches, press Ctrl +-F</em and type the name of the Virus Ransom.CryptXXX or WannaCry. Now, slect Find Next and remove whatever is returned that relates to that name. This should be completed for all the search results.

Virus Files

5. Finally, you need to delete other potential Virus Files, this can be done by going to the Start Menu. And then individually typing the following: %AppData%, %LocalAppData%, %ProgramData%, %WinDir%, %Temp%.

When each opens sort their content folders By Date and Delete The Most Recent folders and files. Furthermore, when you access the Temp folder remove everything from it.


Dont use any cracked file or donot download any thing from internet. like downloading sony vegas cracked file like that if you download the file like this then you may be again infected with the same virus so be carefull while using internet !




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