Hello whats up guys today in the article I am going to tell you something about Online business without investment So you can earn money from the online business. there are lots of ways to make money in online but I will only tell you the best ways to earn money so let’s move ahead.



Nowadays youtube is going too much popular on the internet. Starting a youtube channel is the simplest and best START YOUTUBE CHANNELway of making money online and there is no need of investment

Youtube gets almost 5 million views per day. it means that there are lots of creature ( Youtuber) who used to create video and upload the video to youtube and they make money.

Felix Kjellberg, the owner of pewDiPie who has a youtube channel and he is also known as the biggest youtube of the world. He used to make money from Youtube.

Suitable for –

People who have got the talent of making a video in front of the camera can earn money from youtube. like you have to make the video and need to upload that video to youtube. Like making funny video, tech video etc


Blogger is the easiest ways to make money from home. Unlike any other jobs, if want to be blogger from home you don’t need to work 9-5 hours.

you can work at any time of the day with ease. but beware blogging takes a lot of time to make money so before starting to think twice so you will not leave it in the future otherwise there are the wastes of time.

so I suggest you jump into this field slowly.

Suitable for –

People who love to write and would like to share their knowledge with the world. if your article got viral ( means get lots of traffic) then you easily make money.

what is affiliate marketing?

affiliate marketing is the type of performance-based marketing in which seller reward you if you sell that product like in amazon there are lots of product and you have suggested anyone buy that product if your friends buy that then you will get the commission from that seller.

Suitable For-

people who used to suggest anyone sell that product by sharing the review of that product.

Skills Required-

Ability to promote a product online using social media, videos, ads etc so the visitor buy that product and you will get the profit.


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