Learn to create Mini Militia MOD without root

create mini militia mod without root

Mini Militia is one of the popular epic multiplayer combat game for android. It is action packed combat games that can be played among several players. But for the easiness in the game nowadays people are developing somewhat called MODS. Mods can be created both on PC and android.
So, in this article you will learn how to create the mini militia MOD without root.

Lets Get started

Well with this trick you can change the Avatar’s face, background and music. For this trick you need the
APK Editor : Download Link
Mini Militia: Download Link


After downloading APK editor follow these steps to create the MOD.
1) Install APK Editor.

2) Open the app. You will get two options for editing: Select an APK file and Select APK from App.

3)If you haven’t installed the mini militia but its apk file is in your device, then click “Select APK file”. But if you have installed mini militia in your device, click “Select APK from App”.

4) Click on Mini Militia APK and you will get three options.


5) Tap on “File Edit (Resource Rebuild)”.

6)Now, you get your real apk editing screen.

7) Click on files. Then press home like button on screen to go to the root directory of all apk files.

Edit Background

1) From the root directory of your apk files, Go to Assets.


2)Tap on “HD”. You will get a bunch of files.


3)Select the image file that starts with bg. For e.g “bgDesert_new.png”.

4) Click on replace. Now replace the original file with any other png file from your device.

Note: The image you will replace should be of same image format(.PNG) and should have same dimensions (Width and Height). Otherwise it won’t work.

Edit Music

1)From the root directory of your apk files, Go to Assets.

2)You will find the file called “preMix.mp3”.

3) Select it and click on replace.

4)Now, replace the original music file with another one.

Edit Avatar’s

1) From the root directory of your apk files, Go to Assets.

2) Tap on “HD”. You will get bunch of files.


3) Select menutexture.png and extract it in your device.

4)After editing the menutexture replace menutexture.png with your edited menutexture image file.

How to edit Menutexture?

Open menutexture.png using any photo editor that supports layer such as PicsArt or PixelLab. Now take next photo and cut out its face. Then in menutexture, overlay the new Avatar’s face just over the old Avatar like this-

Note: While saving edited menutexture, save it in .PNG format. The dimensions (width and height) should be same of original menutexture.png. Otherwise, it won’t work.

Build the app

After all the necessary editing for MOD, click on “Build option” at upperight corner.It will create your new modified apk file. Uninstall your original Min Militia APk and install this one. Enjoy the Modded Mini Militia.

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