Install Window 10 on Android Without Root

Hi,guys Welcome to Brand new post on my site , so in this article I am going to show you How to Install Window 10 On Android without rooting our phone. Now a days rooting is very important in android.But This window 10 doesn’t require Root to run.

Its just an modded version of androllium os which exactly looks like an window 10.It has been mooded by technohax. Installing Window 10 is not possible Due to the operating system of our android is not powerful to support the real window.But We can stream our pc through teamviewer and we can use our own pc from our android phone By connecting with a same wifi connection.

              There are many RDP(Remote desktop Protocol)which can Access window without having any pc.But it is costly we have to pay money for the rdp.

So,in this post you can see the review a modded os of androllium looks exactly like window 10.



1.Go ahead through the download link and download the (WINDOW 10 BETA) Apk.

2.After Installation Open the apk.Set the setting as shown as below and tap on OK.

3.Pull the Notification panel and tap on the androlium Notification to launch the window.

4.Now after Tapping on the Notification You would Be at this Screen and you guys can see the window 10 is launched on android.

For the video instruction check in

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