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Gta 5 Mod Menu : Download & Install GTA 5 Mod Menu

are you looking for the GTA 5 mod menu? if yes then you are at the right place and in this article I will be guiding you everything you need to know before installing GTA 5 mod menu in your GTA 5 so without wasting any more time lets move to the main topic of our article


In order to download your file you need to follow all the steps provided below. If you won't follow the steps, you can't get your file.
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  3. Hence, You have successfully downloaded you file enjoy ! ;p

GTA 5 mod menu

hey, what is going on it’s me Ajaj here back with a brand in the post and in this post I will be guiding you to install the GTA 5 mod menu in your GTA 5 and most of the guys are getting an error!

First off all let’s talk about what you need to know before installing GTA 5 mod menu. 

by the way, installing GTA 5 mod menu is pretty much easy but if you do the mistake then you whole GTA V will be crashed and you guys will get the error so make sure that you guys are following my steps properly.

What is GTA 5 mod menu?

GTA 5 mod menu is the menu which gives you the access to cheat in the GTA 5 means you can get any fastest car in GTA 5 not only cars you can do anything you like means you can change the Weather of GTA 5 in Your game means you change everything according to your wish! if you guys ever play the GTA San Andreas on your android device then you guys know about the Cleo yea its look like same in the PC version Of GTA 5.


Install Cleo in GTA San Andreas

Download And Install GTA V for Free

If You guys don’t have the GTA V in your Computer / Laptop then you guys can also check out the post of the GTA V on our website you guys can able to Play GTA V For Free Link: – Download And Install GTA V for Free


FEATURES OF GTA 5 mod menu :

  • New Amazing Style.
  • Installing Mod is much easier.
  • We can get unlimited money.
  • Access Cheat without typing.
  • More than 1000 of Cleo cheat are available.
  • We can spawn vehicle from it.
  • Changing player is possible.
  • More on…



  • Storage Must be at least 3 GB free.
  • GTA V Should be Installed in Your Computer / Laptop
  • Knowledge Of Installing Mods In GTA 5

these are the simple requirement you guys need to know before installing GTA 5 mod menu on your Laptop / Computer.

Gta 5 mod menu
GTA 5 mod menu

Here you Guys can Checkout here I am playing GTA V in My Desktop With 5 star Police Case and even you guys can play too with unlimited Life means you will not Die in the GTA V that’s great na Playing GTA V With Unlimited Life is Love!

Access Cheat Without Typing

fastest car in gta v
the fastest car in GTA v

here you guys can see the screenshot which shows you that you guys can easily access the cheat code without typing in the GTA V game on your Desktop / Laptop. That means you guys can Spawn More Speedy Car without Typing and Cheats.

Fastest car in GTA 5

You Guys can able to get the anyone car you want. you guys don’t need to remember the long cheat blah blah blah you guys just need to choose any car in the GTA 5 mod menu and Just Press Enter that it. The car will be spawn in the GTA V.

Fastest car in GTA 5
Fastest car in GTA 5


How to Installing GTA 5 Mod Menu

Now you need to install the GTA 5 Mod menu. It isn’t funny you guys know how to install if you guys don’t know installation part of the GTA V Mod menu then this article is for you. Guys read this article carefully and if you love this article then you guys can also Grab a coffee because it can be slightly longer. Now let get started with the installation part of the article

firstly, let you know guys you need an active internet connection as well as 5 MB of storage on your hard disk.

fastest car in gta v
fastest car in gta v

Download Script Hook

Menyoo PC [Single-Player Trainer Mod]
Menyoo PC [Single-Player Trainer Mod]
Firstly download the file that I have provided you guys below for GTA 5 Mod menu. After downloading the file of GTA 5 Mod menu you guys can able to install it easily.

Extract the file that you have downloaded from our website. I think you guys need to know what file is inside it. you can see some files with a folder you guys need to move all the folder as well as the file to the GTA 5 directory that you have installed.

Download GTA 5 MOD MENU

Copy The Files in Your Computer

some of you guys have the game in the program XYZ folder of you guys have got the GTA V on your primary hard dicks. So you guys need to move all the files that you have extracted from the downloaded file and move to the GTA 5 directory.

Script Hook
Script Hook

Now after moving your game can detect menu itself so you need download a file which is script hook.

Download Script Hook

Script Hook V
Script Hook V

You Can get the script hook file from our download I have provided below. Do the same thing with the script hook extract it and move to the GTA 5 directory. Now, guy, you guys can open your GTA V game and play and enjoy.

Download GTA 5 MOD MENU

Play Like a Boss in GTA V

Gta 5 mod menu
Gta 5 mod menu



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