How to get Payoneer MasterCard In Nepal


Hi guys Welcome to Brand new post on my site , so in this article I am going to show you How to get payoneer card in Nepal. Payoneer card is very much usefull to them who do online jobs. Payoneer is the card which can be used to withdraw money from atm machine. you guys can also used it for promoting facebook page or you can also use it to verify paypal account and for buying or selling goods from internet. payoneer makes your money safe as well as it can be used in any atm machine to withdraw your money.There are many companies that are providing mastercard/debit cards/credit card facilities but there are not any companies providing for free except payoneer.


Requirements to order the card

  • You need to be above 18

  • You need to have citizenship certificate or passport or driving license.

  • Use your real address to get payoneer card !

Create your payoneer account

if you create payoneer from the reffer link then you guys can get 25$ for free, so why not to use the reffer link to create your account . click here to create your account. once you go on the site of payoneer then you guys can see there signup buttom. just click on sign up buttom then you will redirect to the another page.

Getting started with payoneer

 once you click on the signup buttom then you will be the redirect to the signup form and you need to give your full information to create your account. first you need to type your first name then type last name like that just fill this form . after filling this form you need to click on the next buttom. once you click in the next buttom then you will redirect to the Contact Detail form,

Contact detail


once you fill the getting started form then you will redirected to the contact detail form. just type your address, phone number, postal code… once you fill the all requirement please make sure that you have put your real address . if you give wrong address then your card might be deliver to another place so check care fully. after completing this form just click on the next buttom 🙂


after filling the form of contact detail then you guys are redirect to another page . in that page you guys need to type your user name , password and some security question. fill the form correctly because if you have lost your password or card then it will help you to recover it . just fill the form and click on the next buttom. once you click on the next buttom you will redirect to last page of payoneer.



Once you completed all the task then you guys need to give your passport number / citizenship number… after give your correct number to the payoneer then just click on sign up buttom after that the payoneer system will review your account if your all detail are correct then they will approve your account. and you guys can login your account and your card will be ship to your post office. you have to wait 15 to 20 days to get your master card in post office.

after getting your card you need to activate your card ..

Hope you guys enjoy this post and hope this post help you.


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