Fix PS4 Proxy Server Lock!

Hello, Guys, I am Tushar Gupta back with a brand new post, Today here we are going to discuss Fix PS4 Proxy Server Lock!. Are you guys Facing the PS4 Proxy Server Lock! then go through this article after reading this whole article you will able to fix within in 5 minutes. As I am also using PS4 to surf the Internet but suddenly I get the problem on my PS4 that Proxy Server Lock. Many peoples say it is the problem from the company but is no problem from the company it is the simple issue which I have also face but I solved in 2 minutes and Guys after reading this whole article you will also able to fix this problem be sure you don’t miss any line of the articles.


Fix PS4 Proxy Server Lock

Fix PS4 Proxy Server Lock

PS4 Proxy Server will make your download speed faster on the PlayStation network. As many have experienced also and big claimed which I have seen online using PS4 Proxy Server can potentially Boost and download speed of the game in PS4. Many peoples even claimed with using Proxy server also they didn’t get the speed for then I want to san the location which you choose and it also depends upon what type of Proxy Server you are using. So continue reading articles here I will solve all your problems you visited my sites then now it my responsibility to help be sure to comment down which is the best game?

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How to Fix PS4 Proxy Server Lock?

If you make a mistake while Setting up Proxy Server then it gets Lock or you use poor quality of Proxy so First of All reset your PS4 and follow the steps

There is so many Proxy Available in the market among them many are Premium and many of them are Free here I am going to use free one which is called “CC Proxy”. This Proxy is probably must suggest and highest ranking Proxy Server to use on the PS4.

Step-1 Be sure that your PC/Laptop is connected with Internet. Download the setup file from the Given Link below:

Download Link

 Open the setup file of CC Proxy and Install it on your Pc/Laptop and Install it there you have to accept some license agreements any many more which is very easy just like installing normal software.

There are also many Paid VPN available but changing Proxy Server will be a great idea. and Here I use CC proxy which is totally free you don’t have to spend a single amount of money here.

Step-2 Then there you have click on the options button of the CC proxy then there again a new window will be open where you can see IP address on the auto detect section you might display another IP because it shows different Ip for Different locations.s you can see in the picture


Fix PS4 Proxy

Fix PS4 Proxy

Step-3 Copy the Auto Detect IP Now you have to do some setting on your PC/Laptops just follow the steps mentioned below:

Go to Setting>Network Setting>Set up Internet Connections>LAN Cable or Wifi>Custom Setup>IP-Automatic>DHPC Setting -Automatic>DNS Setting-Automatic>MTU-Setting Automatic>Proxy- Use and after following this all step a new windows will appear there you will ask proxy server now there you have to paste the proxy server which we have copied from CC proxy on the address section and in the Port section you have to write 808 or 8080. then click on finish option then there you can see again new windows appearing “Your Internet Setting Updated.”

Step- 4 again open the Cc proxy and click on the “Start” Section and make sure that your PS4 is also connected to the same network after clicking on the Start section now check the Internet connection.

Step-4 Now you can check the Internet speed of your PC/Laptop the speed is all about 170MBPS-240 MBPS and even you can monitor your PS4 by clicking on the Monitor sections.

Note- The speed will be faster if your Internet Connection is also a little bit fast.

All process is done and Enjoy Highest speed Internet Connection It consumes maximum to 10-15 minutes to download Fortnite using CC proxy which is space about 19.5GB.

If you get trouble while Setuping then here is the video for you.

Final Words

I hope you all guys after reading these articles you will Fix PS4 Proxy Server Lock!. Don’t forget to share with your friends and If you get any problem during the Installation be sure to comment below I will be more happy to help you.


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