Hi guys Welcome to Brand new post on my site , so in this article I am going to show you How to root core prime (sm-g360h) with out computer. now a days rooting is very important in android. 

Root Android Phone Easily 2016. Rooting is the process of  gaining  user for full admin control and authority with android’s kernel system. Once you root  an android phone it gives you the power to act as administrator or super user of the android phone.Rooting android device provides you guys more advantage also some disadvantage too. Once you root the device you can completely remove and replace another operating system  easily.

Rooting does increase performance as well as it will also extend your battery life for the longer period.


  • Removing unnecessary system apps or preinstalled apps.
  • Remove apps like facebook, chrome and other built in bloatware which use to slow down device make overheat and laggy.
  • Customize the way that you want.
  • Change default operating system using other unofficial custom ROMs.
  • Increase Ram or adding virtual swap memory.
  • Blocking shit Ads.
  • Flash with Custom kernel.
  • Change your Appreance
  • More on…


So I will show  you guys the easiest method to root coreprime without your PC! Basically, we are going to use Kingo root for to root your coreprime. Because it supports almost every devices.but you have to unlock the bootloader of your core prime

 First you need to flash the kernel using odin then only you guys can root your core prime with kingo root. 
 kernel is the program which helps to unload the bootloader, if you haven’t unlock your bootloader then you guys are unable to root your core prime with kingo root. so guys you need to unlock it and then only you guys can root your core prime with kingo root. so first you need to download the kernel from here  and copy it in your computer. after this you just need to download the odin from here  after downloading all the file you just need to open you odin .. once you open your odin in your computer you guys can see like this …

once you open your odin then first switch off your phone and afer that you just need to boot your phone into download mode by pressing volume down buttom + power buttom + and home buttom. now connect your phone to computer with the help of your data cable. once you connect your phone with your computer then you just need to go on odin and you need to click on AP option once you click on AP option then you guys need to select the kernel file once you select you kernel file then you guys just need to click on start . as shown in the picture 🙂

The finally you are at the last step of unlocking bootloader. just you need to press on the start buttom. once you press on the start bottom then there you guys can see the progress is going on after 40 second you phone reboot automatically …  and finally your bootloader is unload now you just need to follow the step to root your core prime with kingo root


So once you unlock the bootloader of your core prime now your  device is compatible then you guys can download the kingo root app from here. Also, make sure to Download latest version of kingo root apk. Now once you complete downloaded   kingo root then just simply install it on your device. But before we launch app we need to go to android setting and go to about and tap on build number until it shows you are a developer. As shown below picture:

After that you should get access to the developer mode. So on the setting go to developer option and turn on the developer mode on and also check USB debugging!

You must turn on that thing before your going to root your devices. After that also make sure that you’re connected to the internet via WiFi. Kingo root requires wifi to download your device driver so turn on wifi. So if you have complete and succeed all step here now you guys can finally launch kingo root. Tap on the locker logo and it will start root. See image below.

Now after some minutes you will see the root is sucessed. and you guys can use the root app.

If you guys have still problem or confusion watch the video



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