Fix PS4 won’t connect to WiFi

You guys are facing the problem in your PS4 that your PS4 is not connecting to your Wi-Fi. Are you guys are using your PS4 to surf the internet but suddenly you get the error something like unable to connect Internet in PS4. if you are also facing the problem ps4 won’t connect to wifi on your PS4 like unable to connect the Wi-Fi but the PS4 has already fixed this issue in 2018 but Some guys are facing the problem in 2019 too. So, how would you fix the problem? If this has happened with you previously, you can share how you fixed it in the comments. And, if you came here from Google or YouTube then you are at the right place in this article I’m gonna give you the solution of the ps4 wont connect to wifi 

After reading this article you guys can able to fix every problem that occurs while connecting Wi-Fi on PS4 even I got the problem last week and I tried an each and every method which are mentioned in the YouTube and Google article but unfortunately I can’t able to fix that and after searching a lot of time I found the method to fix pS4 won’t connect the Wi-Fi.

I will try to explain each and every step that I used to fix pS4 won’t connect the Wi-Fi. 

PS4 won’t connect to WiFi 2019 Fix

Here I have mentioned the video on this article you can watch and fix your PS4 couldn’t connect to the WiFi but watching the video won’t fix PS4 can’t connect to wifi. you need to follow each and every step as I am going to share in this article.

Ok let’s talk about what are the main reason that your pS4 unable to connect your Wi-Fi

Why PS4 The Only Device that Has Trouble Connecting to the WiFi Network?

Whether you are in a home, or at an office or when are traveling, everybody loves gaming. All Latest consoles now can connect via WiFi to the Internet, in order to play online Games with other users all over the world.

But The trouble occurs when your PS4 won’t connect to WiFi networks. Or, even if it’s connected, the connection will be very slow or limited from gaming etc.

Read Full article to see how to fix the issue of PS4 not connecting to WiFi and enjoy online gaming.

Why Won’t My PS4 Won’t connect to WIFI?

There are various causes why your PS4 gaming console can’t connect to WiFi, from not configuring the connection right to excellent proxy / DNS settings. As a first step, check that you’re connecting your PS4 to the right WiFi network and using the right password. If you’re in a hotel or public WiFi, you may be required to log in from a browser.
If that doesn’t work, please have a look at the PlayStation Support forums and run their online connection troubleshooter.
Usually, PS4 consoles won’t connect to WiFi because the WiFi signal is too weak. Or even if they connect, the Internet speed will be very slow – you will get buffering and lag for games.

If PS4 Won’t Connect to WiFi, Use Hotspot on Your Laptop as a WiFi Booster

Hotspot is wifi network which is produced from the Laptop or Mobiles Phone. This Becomes handy when you are trying to boost the strength of your WiFi network or avoid silly hotel WiFi charges that Charge you for every single device. It also works great with the PlayStation, to save time and simplify the way you connect your PS4 to public WiFi networks.

How To Guide to Fix the PS4 Won’t Connect to WiFi Issue

Solve Endless Proxy Loop

FIX PS4 won't connect to the Internet

FIX PS4 won’t connect to the Internet

Here I am going to share with you here is the CE-33986-9, which is also known as ‘endless proxy loop’. You can also check on how to use a proxy server or how to configure DNS for ps4. So what you have to do solve this endless proxy loop problem is to do FOllowing things.

  1. First, Get over to the PS4 Menu XrossMediaBar (XMB).
  2. Subsequent you are at the XMB, you need to scroll right to the Settings, then to Network and then you need to click on “Set Up Internet Connection”.
  3. There you will have to select unless WiFi or wired LAN cable. Since you had the problem while connecting to your WiFi, you’d want to choose WiFi in this decision.
  4. Next, you choose WiFi, you need to select ‘Custom’ and then you have to select the WiFi network.
  5. You will see a field where you will have to enter the password of your WiFi network. If you are already using that WiFi on your PS4, the password would be automatically saved and you won’t have to enter it again.
  6. After entering the password, you need to select ‘Automatic’ in the IP Address Settings.
  7. You shouldn’t use the DHCP Host Name and you have to select ‘Manual’ in the DNS Settings that you see there.
  8. In the DNS settings, you can enter the rear servers in Primary DNS and Secondary DNS fields:
    Primary DNS: and Secondary DNS:
  9. After you set the DNS, you should click ‘Next’ and select ‘Automatic’ in the MTU Settings. You shouldn’t use any Proxy Servers there.
  10. After you follow all these guidelines, you are definitely done. Now, you have one thing left to do.
  11. You need to Test Internet Connection.
  12. If the above DNS server does not resolve the issue, try the following server instead:   Primary DNS:   Secondary DNS:

PS4 Won’t connect to WIFI

Use a LAN Cable

lan cable for ps4

lan cable for ps4

If you still cannot connect to the wifi and access your internet via wifi connection then the better option will be a LAN connection cable. A LAN cable is far more suitable and better alternative to wifi as it will give you a better internet connection and less lag while playing Ps4 games than a wifi connection. Additionally using ethernet cable can improve your Download speed drastically so using a Lan cable can be a good replacement if your PS4 won’t connect to WiFi.

Hotspot on Your Laptop as a WiFi Booster

wifi hotspots for ps4

wifi hotspots for ps4

  1. Setup your PS4 with your Hotspot. You only need to connect your PS4 to your Hotspot once. The PlayStation will remember your Hotspot SSID and password.
  2. Keep your laptop close and don’t change your SSID or password. Your PS4 will be using the SSID and password you set for the Hotspot to identify your laptop as a valid Internet connection If you make any changes to the SSID or password, you may have to completely set up the PS4 connection again.
  3. When traveling, connect your Windows laptop to the hotel WiFi and share the hotel Internet via WiFi to your PS4.

You can use your Hotspot as a middleman for the PS4 console. This brings along some benefits for then your PS4 won’t connect to WiFi:

Contact Your ISP or PlayStation Support

PS4 won't connect to internet

PS4 won’t connect to internet

If nothing works then it may be your ISP that is the problem or your PS4 hardware that is causing PS4 won’t connect to WiFi error. So it will be a wise option to look at these steps too.

Next, you have completed all these, you can try checking your Internet connection and see if the PS4 won’t connect to WiFi error is fixed or not. This method will certainly fix the issue if you understand the instructions correctly. If these instructions still didn’t resolve PS4 cannot connect to wifi 2019 issue, you can write your problems in detail in the comments and we will try to cover up your problem right back away. For more help and solution of ps4, you can look at this page.


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