Hey What’s Going on Its me Ajaj here back with a brand new post in our website and hope you are fine there and you guys are searching for the FIFA 14 squad update and you are at the right place in this post I will guide you guys how to How to download and install latest FIFA 14 squad update 2018. So without getting bored let’s move to the steps of getting FIFA 14 squad update

FIFA 14 squad update

If your computer is still outdated and you run the old version Of FIFA i:e FIFA 14  by Ea sports, Then I think this article will help you. In this article, I will show and assist you to download and install the latest FIFA 14 squad update. In this article, I will provide you with the latest squad available and show you How to install it on your PC, Ok then let’s get started.

First Lets Talk About What is FIFA 14? and who developed this game

What is FIFA 14?

FIFA 14 is a sports association football simulation video game developed by EA Canada and published by EA Sports. Wikipedia

How to download the latest FIFA 14 squad update:

To download the latest squad update for your PC, CLICK HERE. The squad I have provided is by far the most recent squad I could find on the INTERNET.  Downloading the latest squad will just be a piece of cake for you.

fifa 14 squad update 2017

FIFA 14 squad update 2017

How to install the latest FIFA 14 squad update:

Installing is also as simple as downloading the squad for FIFA 14, but includes more steps. Follow the following steps to install the squad:

Step 1:

Open the file location you have downloaded the squad from and copy It.

Step 2:

Now Paste it to My Computer > Documents > FIFA 14.

FIFA 14 latest squad update

FIFA 14 latest squad update

Step 4:

Now launch FIFA 14.

Step 5:

fifa 14 squad update

FIFA 14 squad update

The go-to Customise > Profile > Load Squads > Select the squad you downloaded. If you are confused which is the squad that you have downloaded, then check the file name and the squad name, you will be able to find it out easily.


Final words:

After following the steps above, you will be able to update your old squad to a new one. I will try my best to keep the squad up to date, So, if new session starts, you can always check it out whether a new update is available or not. Please do share this article with your friends who still play FIFA 14, And last but not the least, thanks for reading.


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