Bypass applock advanced

Now, Applock comes with the Advanced Protection in which Applock becomes the Device Admin of the mobile phone. How to Bypass the applock advanced option so without getting board move to main topic 🙂

Bypass Uninstall Protection

As we all know that every android users nowadays are using Applock. They use applock for protection of their privacy. Also they use it for hiding files/videos/images and locking apps. There’s many case when you forgot the pattern or password of the Applock. You can easily bypass the applock by force stopping or uninstalling.

What if there is Uninstall Protection in Applock?

Basically Uninstall Protection means including the applock into device administrator list. Once the applock gets this protection, you cant force stop the app nor uninstall it. What to do now?

Well in this article you will be going to learn the same. You will learn how ti bypass uninstall protection of applock. But this method requires a rooted android phone.

Lets get started

To bypass uninstall protection of applock, there’s two ways you will learn. For these methods you need to download these two apps.
ES File Explorer : Download Link
Lucky Patcher: Download Link

1)Freeze Method

For this method you have to use Lucky Patcher application. Follow these steps:
I) Install Lucky Patcher.
II)Open the app and grant the super user permission (simply root).
III)After that click on Applock.
IV) You will get bunch of options. Tap on tools.

V)Now again click on Freeze Package.

VI) Your Applock freezes and you can use locked apps freely.

How it works?

When you freeze the applock, it gets temporarily (not completely) uninstalled from your device. So that you can use your locked apps without having use of password or pattern. To enable the app, just repeat the same process and click on unfreeze option instead of Freeze.

2)Crash Method

For this method you have to use ES File Explorer application. Follow these steps:
I) Install ES File Explorer in your device.
II)Open the app and go to Root Explorer and grant the superuser(root) permission.
III)Now, go to device directory of your phone.

IV)On the device directory, Go to Data >> Data>> Click on Applock folder.

V) Delete the folder from the system.

VI)Now open the Applock and your app crashes and prompt you to uninstall the app.
VII) Uninstall the applock and use your locked apps freely.

How it works?

Basically, when you delete all the files of applock your applock application can’t execute. So you are forced to uninstall the app. advantage of this you can freely use your locked apps.
Hope you get the idea to bypass the uninstall protection in Android Applock. If you have any problem or suggestions be sure to tell us in comment section.

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Pranish Bhandari · August 1, 2017 at 6:29 am

Dammi xha yar technique. 😀

    admin · August 2, 2017 at 11:05 am

    Thanks yar

???? minecraft · August 2, 2017 at 2:59 am

it’s good article haha!download free now

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